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Unblinding the public: Changing the narrative on pharmaceutical drug development, accountability and global health

November 18-19, 2013

Berlin, Germany


The goal:   to explore contradictions between the narrative advanced by the pharmaceutical industry about medicines, health and medical innovation and the realities of the business model, and to consider mechanisms to change the public narrative and increase corporate accountability in drug pricing, marketing and R&D.

- outline and discuss current bad practices of the pharmaceutical industry
- define what corporate responsibility seeks to address (what is CSR)
- understand better corporate responsibility tactics, including lessons from what has worked and what hasn't in holding corporations more accountable
- brainstorm on corporate responsibility approaches that might be applicable to making Pharma more transparent and accountable
- consider approaches which have changed public perception through media, film, other
- create dialogue and collaboration between health, access to medicines, and corporate responsibility advocates and media representatives
- define specific next steps in taking efforts forward

Seminar Materials